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Oklahoma Eagle Forum

Several speakers at the Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association’s recent Racial and Social Justice Symposium encouraged the next generation of state teachers to view police

US Flag

ONE American Flag

Salute to Old Glory by: Anne Schlafly Cori In 1989, a deeply divided Supreme Court invalidated the laws that prohibited the burning

Rep. Cole

Ask your Rep to NOT cosponsor “woke” Bill Critical race theory, or CRT, has overtaken the country’s education system. Last week The

Phyllis Schlafly & Bunny Chambers

Phyllis Schlafly with Bunny Chambers

National Eagle Forum Founder and President, Phyllis Schlafly, with Oklahoma Eagle Forum President, Bunny Chambers.

Oklahoma Eagle Forum board members

(Left to Right), Susie Dake, Pam Pollard, Bunny Chambers (OKEF President), Phyllis Schlafly (EF National President), Rep. Sally Kern, Sandra Leaver, Emmalee Mattern.

Oklahoma Eagles
Bunny Chambers - Lifetime Achievement Award

Bunny Chambers, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Bunny Chambers receives the inaugural Joan Johnson Citizenship Award, presented by Tulsa Republican Assembly, with the help of Jeff Johnson, son of the late founder of Oklahoma Eagle Forum.